Carrot Seed Oil & Mä�Nuka Honey Clarifying Toner

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A clarifying toner that enhances cleansing and adds extra hydration to your skin. Carrot Seed Oil is a rich source of vitamins and carotene which are beneficial for the skin due to their ability to encourage skin cell regeneration, improve elasticity and help fight signs of aging. Mānuka Honey is well known for its ability to draw and retain moisture to keep skin hydrated as well as its biological activity which protects and renews skin cells. This hydrating, plant based toner is recommended for normal, combination, dry and mature skin.




  • 100ml Glass


New Zealand mānuka hydrosol, witch hazel, New Zealand mānuka honey, carrot oil, sandalwood essential oil, lactic acid, carrot extract powder & carrot seed essential oil.


Directions: After cleansing, spray to face. Leave to absorb into skin. Follow up with your Real World Carrot Seed Oil & Mānuka Honey Face Cream.