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Kiwi Seed Oil & Cucumber Gentle Cream Cleanser
Kiwi Seed Oil & Cucumber Gentle Cream Cleanser
Kiwi Seed Oil & Cucumber Gentle Cream Cleanser

Kiwi Seed Oil & Cucumber Gentle Cream Cleanser

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A beautiful honesty. A non-foaming cream cleanser that gently cleans skin, washing off the impurities of the day. Kiwi Seed Oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that are perfect for skin, helping improve elasticity and maintain moisture to prevent drying out. Cucumber contains anti-inflammatory components and natural plant acids that soothe irritation and help improve complexion.

Kiwi seed oil - cold pressed, No synthetic additives/processes are used during the extraction process, helps regeneration of skin cells. Lactic acid - natural fermentation process. Cucumber revitalises skin and soothes skin irritation and inflammation, contains natural acids that prevent water retention thus reduce swelling/puffiness, contains silica which is important component of healthy connective tissue = helps improve complexion, anti-inflammatory properties

This gentle plant based cream cleanser is recommended for normal, mature and sensitive skin.




  • 220ml PET Plastic


Organic chamomile tea, organic sesame oil, organic hemp seed oil, cucumber hydrosol, emulsifying compound (plant based), New Zealand kiwi seed oil, New Zealand kiwifruit extract, cucumber extract, lactic acid, cetearyl alcohol, potassium sorbate, vitamin E oil, cucumber mint oil.




Massage in circular motions with clean finger tips to damp face and neck. Rinse well and follow with Real World Kiwi Seed Oil & Cucumber Toner & Face Cream. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

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