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Sample Size Deodorant

Sample Size Deodorant

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Not sure what deodorant to buy? Find your favourite with our wee sample sizes.

 Naturally scented with essential oils

 Effective, long-lasting deodorant

 100% natural + vegan + made in NZ

Apply a small pea-sized amount, as you would a moisturiser under your arms, for all-day protection. 

Our samples come in 10g plastic containers - with each jar expected to last approximately 1 - 2 weeks.

Try one, or try them ALL! The '5 pack' is enclosed in a lovely muslin bag. 


Still unsure which scent is best for you? Check out our guide

Vanilla - one of our top sellers

Scent - sweet + subtly scented with natural vanilla fragrance oil 
Strength - Regular strength (one application should last the day)

Geranium - another top seller

Scent - Gorgeous + rosy, scented with rose geranium essential oil
Strength - Regular strength

Citrus - a summer fave

Scent - A light, summery citrus burst of grapefruit essential oil
Strength - Regular strength

Lavender - for those sensitive to baking soda

Scent: Light and lovely lavender essential oil
Strength - Low strength (suited for very low-odour)

Cedarwood - for the men out there

Scent - Earthy + woody, scented with cedarwood + frankincense essential oil
Strength - Increased strength (perfect for men)

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