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Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil

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A green to olive-green oil with a refreshing, sweet fruity aroma.

Botanical name

Citrus aurantium var. bergamia



Method of extraction

Cold Pressed

Major constituents

A typical chemical composition of Bergamot Essential Oil: a-pinene (1.0%), b-pinene (5.7%), myrcene (0.9%), limonene (33.0%), a-bergamotene (0.23%), b-bisabolene (0.57%), linalool (13.45%), linalyl acetate (31.3%), nerol (0.1%), neryl acetate (0.42%), geraniol (0.05%), geraniol acetate (0.46%), a-terpineol (0.13%).


The refreshing, sweet citrus scent of bergamot is uplifting and refreshing. It helps people regain self confidence and uplifts the spirit.


Add 5 drops to oil vaporiser.


Bergamot essential oil should not be used topically in the presence of UV light (i.e. sunbaking, sunbeds) as it may cause photosensitivity.

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