Happy And Calm Aromatic Mist

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This mist of cheerful oranges, calming chamomile and relaxing lavender create a positive and comforting space for little ones.

It may be misted over them or around the room.

  • An aromatic mist to gently mist into the air over your little one or around the room
  • Creates a positive and comforting mood.A clear, calming mist containing Calm & Clear Australian bush flower essence.

How to use

Gently mist into the air over your little one, avoiding their eyes, or mist around the room. If spraying over the face and body, hold the mist approximately 30 – 40cm away.

A note for wheat and gluten sensitivities

This product may contain wheat-derived ingredients. If you are wheat or gluten sensitive, we recommend doing a small patch test using our testers on your skin prior to purchase.