SRW Cel1 Stability

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CelStability is formulated to support 3 of 9 functional areas of the cell that decline with age:

→ Supports DNA structure and function

→ Supports normal gene function

→ Supports telomeres

Use Celas part of your preventative maintenance strategy for healthy aging, or if you experience environmental and lifestyle-related factors that place stress on your cells.

Stress-inducing factors include UV exposure, pollution and smoking, insufficient or poor-quality sleep, insufficient exercise, poor diet, high cortisol levels (from a stressful home or work environment) and alcohol consumption.

You’re made up of trillions of cells which are the building blocks of your body. They provide your body’s structure and carry out specialized functions important for your health and wellbeing. By specifically nourishing these cells, you can support their ability to function youthfully for overall wellbeing, across all twelve body systems, including the Cellular System.

Aging begins within your cells, however it’s only recently that scientists have been able to identify the causes and characteristics of aging in cells. These characteristics are known as the Nine Hallmarks of Aging.

The accumulation of age-related changes in the body may be detrimental to your health over time. Cel1 helps you age well by supporting healthy DNA, genes and telomeres which are related to youthful cell function.

Your DNA is your body’s operating code, telling it how to create its cells and how they should act. It also forms the building blocks of your genes and telomeres, which are linked to youthful cell function. Supporting your DNA is therefore important for optimal health.

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid): Your cellular instruction set.
Your environment and lifestyle cause accidental damage to DNA tens of thousands of times per cell, per day. Your cells have inbuilt mechanisms to repair this damage

Genes: Genes are made up of sections of DNA. Your genes are turned off and on as needed by small molecular modifications to our DNA

Telomeres: The protective caps of your DNA that shorten over time, and which act as a cellular reproductive clock

Taken in combination, Cel1, Cel2 and Cel3 harness the Nine Hallmarks of Aging to provide optimal natural protection, supporting your overall cellular system for healthy aging.