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Tui Balm Baby Pack

Tui Balm Baby Pack

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Ideal for mums, dads and their precious one.

This collection is a real treat for any new mum, dad and their baby. Tui Baby Balm is especially made for baby's delicate skin. A great barrier cream for the prevention and healing of nappy rash, it works equally well on dry skin, cracked nipples or scarring. Throat & Chest Balm is our natural decongestant. Tui Bug Balm is our effective insect repellent that also soothes bites. Woman’s Blend Massage Balm is a nourishing blend for mum.

Contains 4 50g pots

-Tui Baby Balm

-Tui Throat & Chest Balm

-Tui Bug Balm

-Tui Woman’s Blend

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