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Mukti Vital B Elixer

Mukti Vital B Elixer

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Finally the long awaited Vital B Elixer has arrived. This bottle of goodness contains Kakadu plum extract, B3, B5, and native pomegranate. Together these ingredients enhance and repair the skin’s barrier, restore balance and hydrate. Vitamin B3 assists with preventing pigmentation and evens the skin tone by inhibiting melanin transfer, it assists with balancing oil production. It can reduce inflammatory conditions such as flushing, acne and rosacea.

•Contains Vitamin B3 and B5 to restore, balance and hydrate skin leaving it stronger

•Prevents pigmentation and evens skin tone

•Balances oil production in skin with acne or breakouts

•Reduces flushing and helps inflammatory conditions like rosacea

•Certified Organic 

•Vegan friendly 

•Nut, gluten and palm oil free


SKIN TYPES-All skin types

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