Wrinkles Be Gone Silicone Chest Pad

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Look what we found from Wrinkles Be Gone. This Silicone Pad helps reduce and remove the appearance of wrinkles in the chest area. The chest pad is durable, comfortable and reusable. Adopting silicone material is flexible, you can adjust based on your need. 


  • Professional designed to eliminate wrinkles on chest area to smooth and tighten chest skin.
  • Medical grade silicone allow it smoothly and skin-friendly, don' t worry about it will hurt your skin.
  • Improve the breast problems like sagging, roughness and outspreading.
  • Enhance and lift up your breast, making you look well in different dress.
  • The breast pad can be repeated used for many times, if used properly.

1 x Silicone Chest Pad

Material: Silicone